Episode 50 – The Now You’re Playing with Podcast 50th Episode Special

Chris, Tatton, Becky, and Steve get back to their roots to celebrate 50 episodes and four years of podcasts. We listen to highlights from previous interviews, audio postcards from listeners and other podcasters and read some emails.

Chris awkwardly throws in some tributes to late night talk show host David Letterman who is retiring in May after 33 years on the air.

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Episode 50 is just around the corner, and we want to celebrate this milestone with our listeners!

Shoot us an email and tell us your favorite (or least favorite) moments from the show over the years. You can even send us an audio submission.

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Episode 48 – MAGfest

Tatton, Becky, Adam, Pinball Chris, and Kate finally ditch windbag Genesis fanboy Chris for an episode and talk about their roadtrip to MAGfest 13… which happened in 2015. Leave it to a Japanese influenced video game festival to get their numbering scheme messed up.

Episode 47 – Ferg and Hexadecathlon 2015

Hexadecathlon 2015 was the biggest HDC yet with 26 competitors, and one hexadecathlete traveling to Columbus all the way from Delaware (the state, not the small town just north of CBus). This grand occasion is the largest in-person gathering of Golden Poddie award winning podcast hosts in history. HDC is Chris’s video game christmas and the origin story of this podcast. Thanks for listening!

Episode 43 – Now You’re Playing with Intellivisionaires featuring Keith Robinson with a cameo from SoCalMike

Recorded at CGE 2K14 during teardown. We talk with Rick, Will, and Paul from The Intellivisionaires Podcast. We then chat with Keith Robinson, the president of Intellivision Productions about the new Intellivision Flashback. Socal Mike from Retro Gaming Roundup makes a cameo as well.

And go download Duck Fountain for Android. We inspired it!

Episode 42 – Ed Averett Q&A at CGE 2K14

This is the raw audio from Ed Averett’s Q&A from CGE 2K14. Ed designed and programmed 25 games for the Odyssey 2 over a three year period.

A gigantic thank you goes to William Culver (aka Focus RS) for recording the audio and allowing us to post it.