Episode 51 – CORGScon 2015 spectacular

CORGScon is our home convention, and we had our biggest show to date this year. We sold merch, played Video Game Jeopardy, and the Columbus Retro League made their CORGScon debut with the CORGbuster Video Game Championships. It was so big, it took two months for us to get our act together and edit the episode after the event (We had surprise trips to Chicago and Los Angeles to deal with).

So in part 1, we talk about CORGScon with Chris, Tatton, Becky, Steve, Linda, Scott, JD, Russ, Willie from Arcade USA, and Rick from the Intellivisionaries Podcast. Then in part 2 Willie and Rick get the heck out of dodge, while the rest of us play Pre-crash era video game meta game.

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